Hi there. I'm Russian and live in Russia. From time to time I'm travelling and would like to share with people who don't live in Russia my impressions. I hope for international people it would be interesting to see Russia and other countries by Russian eyes. It is especially interesting because not too many people in Russia speak English. I suppose it also could help you with places you want to visit in Russia.

All my travel reports you can find at Reports section. At Today in Russia there are everyday photos of places where I'm now. 100 is 100 Interesting facts about Russia. Hope it is also interesting to people who want to know more about country.

Also I'd like to help people to organize their trips. So at the bottom of every report you can see widget with tickets to destination point and with the hotels. At the Useful section you can find some other services which can help you with travelling to Russia. Please be informed that some places in Russia you can reach by train only so at the Useful section you also can find widget with train tickets.

At the every page bottom there is a map with places mentioned at this blog. You can click on it and open related report. Also you can follow us at Twitter and Facebook.

If you have any questions and suggestions to me please do net hesitate and drop message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I'm not a travel agency and can't arrange you Visa or something like that, I'm just private person but if I can I'll try to support you.

In addition you can support me and donate some money to this project via PayPal.