In December 2012 I visited Noviy Urengoy. I never was behind polar circle and I was dissapointed when people told me that there is 60 kilometers from Noviy Urengoy to polar circle. This time I didn't cross polar circle.
In my imagination Noviy Urengoy was small town without permanent population full of barracks just to live during rotation. Honestly it was a great surprise for me to see usual town with big buildings, supermarkets, offices, buses and population more than 100 000.
Because polar circle is very close to town there is a kind of polar night there. Sunrise at 11am, sundown at 2pm. The shortest day is about one hour long. It's why all photos made in a dark.

Noviy Urengoy is one of the newest towns in a world. It was founded less than 40 years ago in 1975. There are some old buildings still in place. It's a first houses in Noviy Urengoy.



The most of first houses made from wood and now looks ugly. But I heard that wood at the north climate is the best material. Wood become grey but doesn't decay and can keep all properties many years. Also you can warm this buildings fast and easily. It was very important 40 years ago while power electrical stations and boiler-houses was in progress and people heat houses by coil. I guess now all these houses connected to the town heating system. In any case I didn't see any smoke above roofs.



This is modern small house. Now it makes from concrete blocks. I think it is kind of aerated concrete or something like that. As far as I know it's light, easy to heat and keeps warm very good.
Also please turn your attention to boxes build in some windows. I have one idea what is it.



 Here you can see meeting of ages. Old style house and new office building. Honestly old buldings are very rare in Noviy Urengoy.



 It's a mosk and it's really nice. For me it was a great surprise to find mosk so close to polar circle.



 Streets are very bright. I took all pictures without tripod.



Because Noviy Urengoy very close to polar circle days in winter are very short. Shortest day about one hour and a half. I guess because of it buildings painted in northen colors which means bright and soft colors.



Russian ortodox church.



New appartments building.



Bus stop. In winter time it could be very cold and strong winds so bus stop needs to protect people from strong weather conditions.



Soviet style buildings. I would say "Brezhnev" style. Every town in former Soviet Union has distrcits with the same style of buildings.



This building looks very strange. As you can see there are air conditioners on the wall. I don't believe summer is too hot here. Wikipedia told me that average temperature in July just 15°C.



It's a TV tower. It looks mysterious because of fog. Fog is a companion of cold weather.



Intersting building. I guess it's school but this type of schools normally build in 1960th.



Typically in Russia in winter time ice buildings made. Noviy Urengoy keeps this tradition.



As you remember at third picture I pay your attention to boxes build in windows. I'm sure it's kind of fridge. When I live in Khruschev style building I had special camera under the kitchen window sill. This camera had port to outside. So in winter time temperature in this camera was close to ambient temperature and you could use it as refrigirator. Here you can use it as deep freeze becuase temperature can be lower than -40°C and you don't need any energy to freeze your kitchen-stuff. So it's really green technology.



A little bit nature. Nature is very beautiful there but days in winter are very short. All day sun is very close to horizont. This picture was taken at noon and you can see permanent dusk.



It was one of the interesting trips in my life. Noviy Urengoy is unofficial Russian Gas capital. 80% of Russian gas recovers here. As result people here have good earnings. I heard average worker salary is close to 4000$ which is very good for Russia. Big salaries cause a high price for appartments. It's actuaaly the same like in Moscow. Price for appartments with two rooms (one bed room and one dinner room) around 150 000$.


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