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Many people in Russia don't travel a lot but when nevertheless they start journey most of them prefer trains. First of all it is cheaper than airplains. Also Russia has wide Rail Road Network and all cities connectecd to each other through rail roads. Historically Russia choose rail roads as main communication because distances are too long and to build rail roads at the same time cheaper than highways, could be build faster and it is perfect solution for cargo.
Russian trains not too fast but very comfortable. I would say Russian trains is the best I ever use. As example way from Samara to Moscow (1100km) takes 14 hours by fastest train and 17 hours in average.
Trains in Russia devided into following types:

- Highspeed trains (the most fastest like TGV and ICE trains);

- Firm trains (the most fastest and comfortable);

- Fast trains (good enough but not so fast and comfortable like firm);

- Passanger trains (in most cases it is old fast trains style but with big amount of stops and slow enough)

- Shuttle trains (between big cities and suburbs).


First rail road in Russia was built in 1837. 
Normally carriage has 18 cabins.Passage is not to wide but cabins have sliding doors and it is impossible to be impacted by door.



Normally carriage has 18 cabins.Passage is not to wide but cabins have sliding doors and it is impossible to be impacted by door.



I'm 188sm (6ft) and 100kg. For me place is enough. Once upon a time a trvelled by German Schlaffen Vagon and honestly it was too tight in a passge and carriage. Doors also was non sliding and couple of times I really had a chance to get an impact.
There is a cabin named coupe. It is for 4 passengers.



There is an information screen in a passage. It shows time, inside and outside temperature and lavatory accessibility.



Traditionally passangers drink a lot of tea in trains. So every carriage has water boiler. Still don't understand why coil using to boil it. I have only one idea - it is cheap. Because this carriage has 100% digital technology to control all parameters during travel, boogie temperature, air conditioning system, bio-lavatory, WIFI, television etc. in every cabin. Another reason for coil is generators which are using while train runs. Because every carriage has their own power generator connected to wheels but at the stations generator doesn't work and standard train power network capacity is not enough to boil 20 gallons.



Lavatory has the same system like airplain lavatory but size is twice bigger.





All carriage connected to each other and you can walk through out all train length (Opened door at the right). Don't forget that most part of trains have a restaurant and you can eat something or have a drink in a bar during travel.



Let's see outside. Russia has really wide rail road network. And big part of them electrified. Russia has largest total length of electrified railroads. I suppose it should be good for ecology.



 It is a soring time and when snow melts down big rivers have a flood. It is Volga river in a flood.



Volga is really great. Now we are starting to cross it through the bridge. It was build in 1880. At those time it was longest bridge in Europe (1436m).



Volga river right side.



There is a bridge.



It is beginning of may and leafs just appeared on trees and bushes.



Volga. View from the right coast.





I still don't believe in it. Great and rich country has village with unsurfaced roads.



Villages look really ugly. But in summer time gardens will be green and nice.



Typical Russian country house.



This building looks ugly but it is other side of freedom. For the moment we don't have any limitations at the architecture and you can build whatever you want in your private area.



As you see gardens are prepared (open ground). People will grow up vegetables. In a Soviet time it was chance to save money and get good quality vegetables. Now it looks like hobby. When I'll purchase country house I'll immediately start to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, onion and garlic to eat my favorite salad without any nitrogens and other fertilizers.





Also Russian trains have carriages named Platzcard. It don't have cabins. Just only beds for every passanger. It is one of the cheapest way to travel because you can have a sleep during travel and price twice cheaper in comparison with cabins. But beds too short which for me is not enough and it could be noisy.



Also you can choose luxury cabins just for 2 passangers. But price would be twice bigger than standard cabin price.



I like Russian trains. On my opinion it the best and very comfortable. And you can enjoy view in a window during journey. It is really interesting to see infrastructure, nature, villages and towns. From the other hand rail roads compete with highways. It is why in Russia higways are too slow and in some cases very bad quality. I guess if you need to travel 2000 km and more a lot of people prefer train instead car.
Now you can find special carriages with enormous cabins. This cabins have 2 rooms and shower but price for that is also enormous. As example cheapest platzcard at distance 1000km depends on train type and costs $60-$80, cabin $120-$180, business class cabin (2 passangers) $250-$300, luxury 2 rooms and shower cabin $800-$1200.

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