Tver. Russia. May 2013



Tver one of the oldest city in Russia. Was founded in 1135. In 14 centure Tver struggled with Moscow to be political center of North-West Russia and until 1327 was a capital of Russia.
Tver was tipycal medieval city with Kremlin and radial streets came from Kremiln gates until big fire destroyed city in 1736. Yekatirina the Second gave Nowadays central part of Tver from 18 century.

Modern railway station.01_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


There is a new cathedral in front of railway station. Cupola ready to be mounted. 02_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Central street is quiet. Buildings came from 18 century. 03_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Ortodox church library.04_Tver_05-2013.jpg  









Voznesenskiy Cathedral. Made in 1760. Few centuries before at the same place was wooden church. During Poland and Lithuania invasion at the beginning of 17th century this wooden church was burned. Then it was reconstructed from stone. Last upgrade was in 1760. 08_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Stalin period buildings. 09_Tver_05-2013.jpg  





Drama theatre made in 1951. Previous theatre building was destroyed during Second World War. 11_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Municipal garden. Many centures ago here was placed Tver Kremlin. You can see that statue and walking roads placed in lowland. It is traces of ancient graff. 12_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


It is a chapel at the place where in a past was main Cathedral destroyed by comunists. At 2002 was installed stone and cross as a milestone for the first stage to rebuild main Cathedral. I hope in a few years we could see one of the rebuilded symbols in Tver. 13_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Of course Lenin stays at the main square of the city. Lenin says Hello brother to Saratov's Lenin :-)14_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


As for me it's very nice to feel yourself in 19th century. _Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Tver was founded by prince Michael, son of Yaroslav, and this statue devotes to him. 16_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


It is former Governor's house and Tver city Government 17_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Interesting building with clock. 18_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


When Tver was rebuilded new scheme seems like Saint-Petersburg. 3 main streets disperse to different sides. Main architecturers idea was to present Tver's heart to you. It seems like Tver opens hand to embrace you. 19_Tver_05-2013.jpg  




Sinagogue. Made in 1913 and reconstructed in 2004. 21_Tver_05-2013.jpg  



New district made in European style. Townhouses with small gardens. 23_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Another new district. 24_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


I guess it's the smallest house in Tver. 25_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


New appartment buildings like everywhere. 26_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


New regional Gazprom office 27_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Mosk. It was build in 1906. 28_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Mosk and Catolic church placed very close to each other. Catolic church is a brand new, 29_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Tver placed on Volga river. But Volga is not so wide here. _Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Embankment. Downstream view. 31_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Embankment and city park. Upstream view. 32_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Volga. Downstream view. 33_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


New Volga river bridge. 34_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Embankment on the left side of Volga is not so comfortable. 35_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Riverside station. I guess in Soviet time it was a lot of crouise ships with tourists. Now I saw only one small ship with 30 minutes tour. 36_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Now it looks like nobody cares about. It is very sad because in my childhood I had a ship crouise tour along Volga every year. From Samara to Moscow and back or to Astrakhan and back with a lot of stops at the small towns. Today ships stop only at the big cities. 37_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Just few meters from riverside station there is a Cathedral. At this place was an abbey founded in 13th century. In 1930th abbey was destroyed and riverside station was build. Today there is only a cathedral built in 1772 reminds us about ancient abbey. 38_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


In 1960th appartment building was built very close to Cathedral. 39_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Technical University. 40_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Little bit further a monument to Afanasiy Nikitin - Famous Russian traveller. He lived in Tver and had amazing journey to India in a 15th century. He is Russian Marco Polo. 41_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Old Volga river bridge. Made in 1957. 42_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Pedestraint street. 43_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


One of the beautiful buildings on pedestraint street. 44_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Administration building. Don't know exatly is it city or area administration. 45_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


From October till December 1941 Tver was occuied by German army. In 2010 Tver became a city of Warrior Glory. This memorial dedicated to it. 46_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


Interesting Tver feature is a dozens of unnamed monuments. 47_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


You can find it everywhere. 48_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


But there are no any notes and you can only guess to whom it could dedicated. 49_Tver_05-2013.jpg  


I spend in Tver just 4 hours and didn't see all sightseens. Also Tver has a lot of museums and next time I would like to visit them. Tver really intresting place with ancient history. Fortunately it is not so far from Moscow - just 2 hours and 30 minutes by train.  


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