Kaluga. Russia. June 2013

Kaluga is a city in a middle Russia.Placed on Oka river. Population 325 000 people. From 1892 till 1935 here lived Constantin Tsiolkovskiy who was famous Russian cosmonautic theorist. It is why on the Kaluga emblem and flag you can see first artificial satellite.
First reference to Kaluga was founded in ancient documents dated 1371. It was a fortress to protect Russian lands from west and south. In 1654 when Ukraine was joined to Russia Kaluga Kremlin became unnecessary and in 1700 it was destroyed by fire. Nowadays it is small town with very nice city center from 18-19 century. Let's walk a little bit around downtown 

Railway station.


Commercial court.

Merchant Terenin's private house. Now it's a wedding palace.

In a past here was Saint Michael's Cathedral build in 1687. In 1935 Cathedral was demolished and this appartment house was build. It is Constructionism style.

Kaluga regional Economic development ministry.


Kaluga City administration. It placed on ancient Trade square.


At the Trade square corner there is building with an arc.

At the left side of arc there is a central park. Fence is beautiful and it seems park is old enough. On my opinion it similar to Sankt-Petersburg parks. That means it is 200 years old. May be even older.

Behind the fence.

From the park viewing point you can enjoy nice view to Oka river.

At the center of the park placed Saint Trinity Cathedral. First wooden church at this place was created in 1618. In 1687 wooden curch was replaced by white-stone church. In 1786 Ekaterina the second gave 30 000 rubles to build Cathedral instead church. But Cathedral was finished only in 1811 because of cupola construction. It was innovation design without any additional strengthening. Style of the Cathedral very intersting. Honestly I never so Cathedrals like this one. It is really amazing.

There are dozens of churches in Kaluga. It is the protecting veil of the Holy Mother of God church. Build in 1687.

And every church is amazing.


This style is similar to the central park church

Ancient bridge. It I the biggest viaduct in Russia. It was built in 1777.

Teleautomatic research and development establishment.

Former Hall of the nobility. Was build in 1850.

Former Hall of Merchants. Build in 1815. It placed very close to Shopping Arcade.

Shopping Arcade. Construction was started in 1784 and finished on 1823. You can find the same buildings in Moscow, Sankt-Peterburg, Kostroma etc. It is group of buildings which includes shops, hotel, stock. If your own shop is not necessary but you have goods and need to sell it you can rent everything you need for that.
Today Shopping Arcade under reconstruction. Later it will be shopping Mall with underground parking.

Streets are nice and quiet.



Some wooden buildings are still in place.



Merchant's house. At the first floor there is a shop at the second floor merchant's appartments.

New appartments building. Honestly I'm very happy that people start to apprechiate beauty in architecture. During Soviet time and at the 1990th buildings was mostly ugly. I believe in next few years to see dramatical changes in a cities plannings.

Quite good but not really nice appartments.

Here you can see modern Russian mentality. People absolutely don't care about ambient. Their private space finishes by appartments door. Space behind the door nobody's. For some people it means possibility to unpunished crap. It is why porches in Russia so dirty.
Here you can see an idiot who spoiled building face with a bricks as he want and even don't purget it.

It feels like something astronautic and it is truth. In Kaluga was lived Russian cosmonautic theorist Constantin Tsiolkovskiy.

In a Peace square you can see Tsiolkovskiy and General Constructor of the first Russian space program Sergey Korolev. Of cource it is a legend and Tsiolkovskiy never meet with Korolev.

Another monument to Tsiolkovskiy.

First in a world Cosmonautics museum. Was made by Korolev and Gagarin.

Space Rocket Vostok. It means East. This rocket delivered to earth orbit first man in a space Yuri Gagarin.

Museum building. Inside you can find planetarium and interesting exposition which shows all way from first ideas about flight till the modern space systems.

Pedestraint street.

I'm not sure but this man looks like Tsiolkovskiy. I think so because he saw in a sky and his clothes similar to Thsiolkovskiy clothes on old photos.

Regional Museum of Local Lore. Lanterns have enormous size.

Museum yard. I guess it from 18th century.

Cobblestone surface is not so good for walking.

But real feature of Kaluga is a building decoration.

They made it in full building height.




Karl Marx.

Kaluga is very nice and interesting Russian city. Hope next time I will spend more time here and visit some museums. Hopefully Kaluga just 161 km from Moscow.


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