Gubkinskiy. Russia. June 2013

And again I'm at the north.To be precise I would say I'm at the north-west Siberia. Believe me 99,99% of you never visit this area! This town named Gubkinskiy and placed 300 km from nearest airport. It was really long trip. More than 3 hours flight from Moscow and 5 hours by bus. It really seems like edge of universe but I was surprised again. Roadway with private cars, buses, trucks, filling stations, supermarkets etc. Civilization like everywehere.
Weather was nice +22C - +24C and only short trees remind about north and extremely low temperature on winter.
Let's speak a little bit about destination point - Gubkinskiy town. It is one of the newest town all over the world. It was established just in 1986. Named after Ivan Gubkin who was a famous Russian geologist (main Russian oil and gas University also named after him). The main reason to create town in area where temerature could be -62C in winter and +36C in summer was Komsomolskoe oil field. Now about 23 000 people live here. Let's take a short tour around Gubkinskiy and see what we can find here.

Central square.  

Music hall.  

Town parliament.  

Town government and shop and office center.  

Telecommunication station.  

Comfortable hotels. (It's really dozens of small hotels for any taste and budget).  

Severe but beautiful nature.  

Kinder garden.  

Few restaraunts. (Bowling, pool, Russian, Ukranian, Japaneese food etc.)  

Old buildings made froom wood when town was established.  

Not so old buildings made from concrete.  

Apartment buildings from early 1990s.  

Brand new luxury appartments.  

And of cource White nights. 
All pictures above was tooked at the midnight. Gubkinskiy just 200km from polar circle. So sunset was at 11pm and sunrise at 1am.  

Interesting feature of this area is concrete bays. From concrete bays made all infrastructure - roads, parkings, sidewalks, yards.  

Concrete bays everywhere.   




As far as I understand there are few reasons for concrete bays: permafrost, low cost and possibility to use it many times. For instanse when oil field exhausts old concrete bays from this field will be moved to the new one to build new road.  

Hotel with restaurant.  

Rosneft office. It is the main office in the town.  

Here you can see at foreground old wooden building. At background the same style of building after reconstruction.  

Typical Soviet bearing wall house.  

New houses more beautiful. You can see changes between Soviet period and nowadays. Now people in Russia take care about decoration.  

Russian ortodox church.  

For me at was really strange to see juvenile leaves at the middle of June. This is north and there is a spring here. In Moscow leaves sprouted already two months ago.  

Spring at the June! Incredible!  

Monument to the pioneers (trilblazers) of north.  

Siberian north is a very intersting place. Hundreds of oil and gas fields. Short trees, lakes, swaps and sands like in desert. 
At the same time infrastructure is good enough. You have everything you need just 5 minutes walk. At the same time people told me about animals. There are a lot of them still there. They told me about bears escaped from forest fire came to the town couple of yeras ago. But I didn't see any animals during my trip. May be next time I'll be more lucky.

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