Vladimir. Russia. June 2013

This year I made decision to travel through famous Russian Golden Ring. For me it was surprise that exist small and big Golden Rings. Small Golden Ring is most well known. It includes the oldest Russian cities Vladimir, Suzdal, Ivanovo, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Rostov, Pereslavl-Zalesskiy and Sergiev Posad.If you would like to feel ansient Russia spirit you have to travel around Golden Ring. The first city on my way was Vladimir. 
Vladimir was founded in a 988 by prince Vladimir and named after him. Vladimir just 176 km (110 miles) from Moscow. It placed on Klyazma river which headwater not far from Moscow airport Sheremetievo and run into Oka river. For the moment there are 350 000 people live in Vladimir.  

1000 years ago Vladimir was a fortress to protect Rostov-Suzdal principality. Later in 1157 it became capital of principality. But when Moscow started grow up Vladimir loose his status and turn into province and then just to a town on the way between Moscow and Nizhniy Novgorod. 
Today crowds of tourists attracted by three main listed buildings protected by UNESCO. 
The first of all it is Uspenskiy Cathedral. It was built in 1158. Inside you can find icons painted by fabulous icon-painter Andrey Rublev. Bell tower infront of Cathedral is not so old. It was built in 1810.


Cathedral placed on cathedral square. Here also you can see few sights. It is monument devoted to Vladimir 850 anivessary. People call it three lazybones because it has 3 sides and 3 sculptures. The first is warrior. He looks toward the ancient Kremlin tower named Golden Gate.  

Architect towards to Uspenskiy Cathedral.  

Worker towards to industral districts.  

At the Cathedral square also placed monument devoted to icon-painter Andrey Rublev.  

Building on the left is a former town parliament. built in 1906. Now it is palace for solemnities. Bank office on the right built in 2000s. I understand that modern architects tried to keep old traditions but I don't understand why all of them so ham-fisted. Hope in a future architecst will start to learn more from the past.  

So many details.  

Beach Volleyball.  

Shopping Arcade from 18th century. Today it is a shopping mall.  


Main street quite nice. Let's walk through it.


Regional police department.


Classical music hall.  


Saint George church. Founded in 1129. Reconstructed in 1783 after fire.  

Later I know that it is a wall of Governor house. But when I took a picture I was more interested in this plate which inform us about admiral Lazarev who discover Antarctic continent. He was born in Vladimir.  

Golden Gate. built in 1164. It is unique construction because it is not only part of fortress but city gate of honour. It was main tower of Vladimir Kremlin. Now there is a museum inside.  

Opposite side. Gate is really nice. I was blown away by it beauty.  

At the right side you can see rampart fragment.  

Close to Golden Gate placed Old Believer Saint Trinity church. It was made in 1913 and devoted to 300 years of Romanov dynasty.  


At the square close to Golden Gate there are hundreds of pigeons waiting for goodies.  

Insurance company office.  

Central bank office.  

Saint Virgin Mary Rosary Catholic Cathedral. It was built in 1891. In 1930 it was close and used as retransmitter and show room. In 1993 returned to Roman Catholic Chirch  

Saint Nickolas Church. built in 1761 instead old wooden church. It doesn't workas church for the moment. There is a Planetarium inside.  

Alexander Nevskiy. He was great commander and Vladimir Great Duke. He made a lot of efforts to Russia growth. In 1547 he was canonized.  

Close to Alexander Nevskiy monument placed Christmas monastery founded in 1191.  

Christmas temple.  

Alexander Nevskiy was buried here in 1263. In 1724 he was reintered in Sankt Peterburg in a monastery named by him.  

Unfortunately photography and filming prohibited in monastery.  

Strange construction.  

I didn't find anything in Internet about this arc.  

Famous prison Vladimirskiy tsentral. Everyone in Russia knows this name because in summer time you can hear song about this prison very often.


Central railway station.  

Building on main street.  

Bread baking complex. Tipical soviet building after modern reconstruction.  

Nice building.  

I got positive impression about Vladimir. Downtown pretty and clean. Dozen of restaurants and shops. And of course ancient Russian history. If you are intersted in middle ages and history you have to visit Vladimir. Next time I’d like to stay here couple of days to see all sights and interesting places.  

Golden Ring: SuzdalIvanovoKostromaYaroslavlRostovPereslavl-Zalesskiy.

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