Suzdal. Russia. June 2013

Next point on my way through Golden Ring was Suzdal. Amazing place! First reference in chronicles in 999. Nobody knows what Suzdal means butI trust to version that Suzdal is ancient form of Russian sozdal which could be translated as make or create.Suzdal placed on Kamenka river. 
For me was a surprise that Suzdal is not a town it is museum from 1967. Now population is 10 000 people and there is only one facility in the town. It is souvenir facility.
1000 years ago Suzdal was a capital of Rostov-Suzdal principality. In 1157 capital was moved to Vladimir and principality was renamed to Vladimir-Suzdal principality. Later in 1392 Suzdal joined to Great Moscow principality.   Suzdal is a fabulous town. You can travel through time from middle ages till 19th century.
It seems unbeliveable but this is 400 years old building. Later I read a little about history of this building. Here lived dresser Constantin Dobrynin. He is Nikita Dobrynin father who was a famous Suzdal priest. In 1650 Russian Ortodox Church had a great reform to unifiy ceremony with Greece Ortodox Church but Nikita struggled to keep old Russian traditions. In 1682 he was put to death in Moscow on place of execution. Now he is one of the originators of Old Belief Church. You can see him on a picture of famous Russian painter Vasiliy Perov Faith debats.  

Smolensk Church. Made in 1707.  

At the opposite site of street there is a Spaso-Efimiev monastery. Founded in 1350.  

Monastery gate tower.  

Monastery walls was created in 1664.  

Houses close to monastery. There is a restaurant inside.  

Lazar Church. Founded in 1495. Rebuilt in stone in 1667.  

Shopping arcade from 1811.  

Shops, Souvenirs and restaurants inside.  

South part of shopping arcade has two floors.  

Cross Nickolas Church. Built in 1654 after epidemy which took a lot of lifes. Rebuilt in stone in 1770.  

Saint Ressurection Church. Founded in 1592. Rebuilt in stone after fire in 1720.  

On the left there is Friday Church. 1772. Fryday is a Saint Paraskeva alias.In Russia you can find a lot of toponyms named by Paraskeva the Friday.

Jerusalem Gate church. 1707. Devoted to Saint Jesus entrance to Jerusalem.  

Ancient rampart.  

Kremlin. The heart of Suzdal. Built in 1024. Kremlin is not a fortress only. It is complex of administration, military, trade and religious building. It is God's Mother Christmas cathedral.  

Kremlin bell tower.  

Chiming clock was mounted in 17th century. It appears earlier than first chiming clock in Moscow Kremlin.


Pontiff's chamber.  

God's Mother Christmas cathedral from Kremlin yard.  

Small gallery inside bell tower.  

Pontiff's chamber other side.  

Japanese tourists at chamber entrance.



Saint Nickolas wooden church. It was made in 1766 in Glotovo village. In 1960 it was moved to Suzdal Kremlin as a first museum showpiece.


Kremlin rampart. Walls and towers was made from wood. Unfortunately wooden walls was destroyed by great fire in 1719.  

Kamenka river and Saint Elijah church.  

Old Suzdal.  

Deposition of the robe monastery. Founded in 1207.  

Monastery Reverence bell tower. Highest building in Suzdal. 72m (240 feets). Legend told that Suzdal people gave a promise to God to build bell tower if Russia won in Patriotic War 1812. Napoleon was defeated and in 1813 bell tower was built.  

Strange road sign. Why Rothenburg on Tauber? I guess it could be sister town.  

Let's walk through streets. In the down town most part of buildings made from bricks.  

Streets are quite. A lot of wooden houses.  

Amazing wood engraving.  

Some soviet architecture.  

Of course Lenin and administration buildings behind him.  

A little bit unpleasant moments. It looks like town doesn't have drain system or this system damaged. Weather was rainy and it was dozens of puddles.  

Sometimes it was really hard to cross it.  

When I book a hotel I expected something soviet style. But in fact I was surprised with a hotel. It's really 4 stars. There are few buildings on hotel territory. All of them made in a 19th century style. You can book appartments in a main building or entire separate cottage.  

Despite of 4 stars price is cheap. I paid 80$ for the room for 2 persons. Breakfast included. In big cities the same hotel will cost 150$ and more.  

It is very sad but I spend just 2 hours walking through Suzdal. You need to spend couple of days to visit museums, monasteries and churches. I'm planning to visit Suzdal again and explore it more precise.   Golden Ring: VladimirIvanovoKostromaYaroslavlRostovPereslavl-Zalesskiy.


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