Ivanovo. Russia. July 2013

We are continuing our trip around Golden Ring. Next stop is Ivanovo. Capital of Russian textile industry and Brides city. Even city symbol shows spanning woman. 
Ivanovo was mentioned first time in chronicles in 1561. In 1871 Ivanovo became a town. Now here live 400 thousand people.
Friendly speaking I still don't understand why Ivanovo belong to Golden Ring. It is quite nice city but there are no any ancient constructions here.   It is the oldest building in Ivanovo named Schudrov's chamber. 17th century.  

All other are merchant houses from 19th century.  

And ugly modern buildings.  

Was build in the beginning of 20th century and from the beginning up to now there is a booking shop.  

Main street in down town.


Nice development but too small.  

Shopping mall.  

Post office.  

There are a lot of wires in Russia. Here is because of Trolleybusses but in general there are the same amount of wires everywhere like a web. It is hard enough to take a good picture.  

From time to time I try to imagine our cities without wire web.  

Ivanovo Art Palace.  

Uvod river. River embankment. On the background there is a paper factory.  


As you remember Ivanovo mostly was focused on textile industry. This building is former BIM - Big Ivanovo Manufactory.  

A little bit architecture. Ugly enough morden house.  

Good building. I guess it is a hotel and I'm not sure that it was designed by Russian architects.  

City mall Silver City.  

Ugly building from 90th.  


It was a Navy day. A lot of former navy sailors walking through the streets and celebrates this day. Mostly people who celebrate all this holidays like Navy day, flying troopers days etc loosers or too young to have any advantages. They have only one advantage in their live - 2 years army service. Fortunately last 2-3 years they stop to drink too much during this holiday.  

This monument devoted to WWII. Again a lot of wires. But it is for trolleybus. The best and ecological transport.  

Business center.  

Saint Kazan Cathedral.  

Cathedral entrance.  

The main city feature is red bricks buildings.  

On my opinion red bricks make houses more attractive. This building was created in 1898 for the famous Ivanovo business man Gandurin.  

Side faced to main street plastered and another side leaved as it is. It is Medical Academy.  

Nice leaded pane.  

Red bricks everywhere.


Agricultural Academy.


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