Kostroma. Russia. July 2013

Next city in a Golden Ring named Kostroma. It was founded in a 12th century. There are a few versions what Kostroma means but the most popular is coming from old slavic language and means straw for burning. Now 271 thousands people live here.

It is Moscow gates placed on river embankment.


Volga river embankment.  

River port.  

Volga is wide enough here.  



New districts close to embankment.  

To keep city face it made in a 19th century style.  

Ascension church from 17th century.  

Ressurection church. Build in a middle of 17th century.



Cancer hospital.



Old bridge construction.  

Center is beautiful. This house seems like palace. In a past it was commercial apartment building. Now it is music colledge.  

Neighborhood building. Really beautiful.  

Gates is amazing.  

Epiphany monastery.  

Monastery bell tower.


Dozens of wooden houses.







Modern style.  

Let's see the main city square named by Ivan Susanin. There is a fire station. Beginning of 19th century.  

General Borschov house. It seems general was very rich.  


Ivan Susanin monument. He is Russian hero. As history told 400 years ago during Polish occupation he proposed to Polish army to show the way to patisan's camp. Few days soldiers follwed him very deep into forest. Then they understand he fooled them and killed him. Nobody escaped from the forest. So Susanin saved partisans and eliminated hudreds of enemy soldiers by layed down his life.  

Shopping arcade.  

Saint saver church in shopping arcade. This complex is really great. It includes everything for trade and live. In a past merchants could rent small shop, store goods on stock, stayed in a hotel, eat in a tavern and pray in a church in the same big building.


Of course Lenin monument. But history of this monument is amazing. Please have a look at monument foundation. From the beginning it was devouted to Russizn tsar Romanov dinasty 300 aniversary. It was almost finished but construction was stopped because of First World War. Then Russian Revolution happend. Communists had idea to rebuild it to liberty monument but didn't realize this project. In 1928 in a few years after Lenin death his sculpture was installed on foundation.  

Can you imagine that it could be 28 statues on foundation. Please see the project by this link.  

Streets and buildings.







Saint Trinity Ipatiev monastery. Was founded in 1330.  

Main entrance.  

Monastery walls.  

Saint Trinity cathedral. 1652.  

Cathedral bell tower.  

Romanov's chamber.  

Saint Khrisanf and Daria gatehouse church.  

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin church.


There are few museums inside chambers. This is ancient gates.  

Also you can see a lot of icons and other artefacts.








Beautiful furnaces with Dutch tiles.




Kostroma is really interesting city. Unfrotunately it placed not very convenient. It is not too close and at the same time not too far from Moscow and placed off the beaten track. Just 300 km. But there is no airport. Only one train which is not convinient because it is departures from Moscow at midnight and arrive to Kostroma early in a morning.  

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