Yaroslavl. Russia. July 2013

We are continuing to travel through Golden Ring. Yaroslavl is new city on our way. It is one of the oldest Russian city. It was founded in 11th century. In 2010 it was city millenium. City placed on Volga River at Kotorosol river creek.
City was founded by duke Yaroslav the Wise and named by him. Legend told that Yaroslav was attacked by bear. He killed the bear using axe and gave an order to build a castle at this place. It is why you can see bear with axe on city coat of arms. 
But I guess the truth of bear on coat of arms is heathendom's village named Bear's corner was placed here.
Today Yaroslavl is a big city with population 600 000 people. It is big transportation nod and industrial cluster.

Yaroslavl placed on highland side of Volga River. And river Embankment is 30m higher than river coast.


Christmas church. Build in 1644.  

It is christmas church bell tower. It seems interesting because bell tower stays far enough from church and looks like separate church. In past bell tower was connected with church via passage. But passage was destroyed and now it looks like two separate buildings.  

Saint Nicolas church. Build in 1620.  

Main city sqare. City administration at background.  

In the center of the square Saint Elijah church. It is main cathedral in Yaroslavl because legend told that Yaroslav started to create Yaroslavl in Saint Elijah day.  

Close to main square plcaed Kirillo-Afanasievskiy monastery. Founded in 1615.  

Monument devoted to WWII and Uspenskiy cathedral behind him.  

Uspenskiy means Assumption cathedral.  

Genuine churche was build in 1215. In 1937 it was devastated and rebuilded again in 2010.  

Metropolite chamber. Second part of 17th century.  

Saint Trinity.  

Close to cathedral there are few bells. I guess it will be installed in bell tower later.  

New millenium park.  

Another Saint Nicolas church. This one build in 1695.  

It closed for prayers in 1920.  

Nowadys it is Art museum restoration laboratory.


Transfiguration of the Saviour Monastery. Founded in 12 century.  

Ancient foss around monastery walls.  

Monastery entrance.  

Gateway icon.  

Saint Mary church with bell tower. Build approximately in 1520.  

It is observation deck on bell tower roof. Stairs to observation deck is very narrow.  

We are on roof level.


Pleasant view to old Yaroslavl. A lot of churches and monasteries.


Epiphany church.  

Ressurection of Christ church.  

Transfiguration of the Saviour cathedral.  

Duke Pozharskiy Swear mosaic. It was presented to monastery on Yaroslavl 1000-year anniversary.  

Monach cells. Approximately 1670-1690.  

I love Yaroslavl. I was here many times beginning from my childhood. Amazing place where you can find whatever you want - ancient churches, monasteries and fortification towers from middle ages, beautiful downtown from 19-20 century, modern clubs and restaurants. Also you can see Yaroslavl on 1000 rubles banknote.
I strongly advise to visit this city. Especially because it is easy to travel there and there are few good quality hotels in downtown which make your stay pleasant.  

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