Rostov. Russia. July 2013

Next place on Golden Ring trip is Rostov. There are two Rostovs in Russia. The big one on south of Russia and the small one on north. It seems like joke but the small one called Rostov the Great and the big one is Rostov on Don. We are speaking now about Rostov the Great because it is part of Russian Golden Ring.
My first impression was positive shock. Because I never saw in my life so fantastic places. It comes somewhere from Russian fairy tales. And it is true becuase Rostov Kremlin was build in 1670-1680 for mitropolite after kremlin ages. So it doesn't have any fortress purpose. It was build mostly like beautiful decoration. Fortunately it remained uncorrupted during the ages.

Kremlin has 11 towers.

There is Cathedral of Assumption on Kremlin Cathedral square. The oldest construction in Rostov (1508-1512). Interesting thing is that the first version of the cathedral was destroyed in 1160.
Cathedral bell tower was build later in 1680-1690.
It is possible to walk to the bell tower roof. But passages are extremely narrow and for two it is impossible to squash into passage. You have to wait when it become clear. I guess it is grea challenge for people with claustrophobia.
There are 15 bells on bell tower.
It is also an observation deck.
Shopping arcade and Savoir church.
Saint Odigitria church. (1692-1693)
Saint John the Evangelist gateway church. (1683)
White chambers. 1675. It was canteen for kremlin habitant.
Kremlin yard.
Resurrection church under reconstruction.
Ancient well.
Passage to Mitropolite garden.
I'm afraid to be wrong. I guess it is Saint George the Evangelist church.
Certainly take a tour around kremlin walls.
And enjoy nice views to kremlin garden and neighbourhood buildings.
Nero lake.
Mitropolite garden.
Strange thing in floor. Have no any idea what is it.
Every 30 minutes there is a small concert in church chambers. Singers sing canon songs.
Walking area and shopping arcade.
Let's walk outside from Kremlin.
Saint Nicolas church.
Saint Boris ang Gleb church. Build in 1761 on rampart. For the moment archeologists still arguing how to repair this church. Now it is preserved and waiting for scientists decision.
Rostov is like a village. It is really small. Just few years ago it became a town.
Nero lake and Spaso-Yakovlievskiy monastery.
Christmas island.
Central town square.
Rostov Kremlin is amazing place. I'm still under positive impression about it. If you would like to feel Russian spirit you have to visit it.
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