Pereslavl-Zalesskiy. Russia. July 2013


We are continuing to travel around Golden Ring. The next stop is Pereslavl-Zalesskiy which was founded in 992 by prince Vladimir. Here in 1220 Great Duke Alexander Nevskiy was born.
In 1688 Peter the first founded his Funny fleet. It was beginning of Russian Empire Navy.

Today Pereslavl is a small town with population 41 000 people and only ancient churches and rampart remind you about Pereslavl great history.

Honestly I was tired a little because the same day I akready visited Yaroslavl and Rostov. As you see on the town map sightseens placed far enough from each other. So I decide to walk around town center.

Red Square is a central square in the town. There are 7 sightseens here.
Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy cathedral. Made in 1157. It is the oldest cathedral in North-East Russia. Alexander Nevskiy was born in neighbour chamber in 1220. This chamber doesn't exist anymore.
Have no any idea why this stone lies here.
Alexander Nevskiy cathedral. 1740.
Mitropolite Petr church.
Vladimir cathedral. And rest of monastery wall. Build in 1745. It was main Pereslavl cathedral.
Ancient rampart.
View to Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy cathedral from rampart.
At the rampart.
There is a park and Trubezh river behind rampart.
Let's walk a little bit around red square.
Buildings close to the Red square.
It seems like village but it is just 100m from Red square.
Unsurfaced road.
People mostly live in small appartment buildings.
Rich people have nice houses.
Close to museum.
Pereslavl-Zalesskiy placed on Plescheevo lake. Here Peter the first founded funny fleet which was a sailors training center. It was beginning of Russian Empire Navy fleet.
It is karst lake. 200m from coast deepth is just 1m (3 ft) but then bottom comes down to 25m (75 ft). You can see it on satellite photo.
It is very sad that I had just couple of hours to walk through the town. I believe I miss a lot of interesting things like Peter the first boat museum. On Plescheevo lake he made his first ship. Also there are a lot of monasteries and churches around. Indeed next time I'll spend more time here.

Also I didn't visit last point in Golden Ring - Sergiev Posad. Fortunately it is close to Moscow and I hope to visit it little bit later.

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