Samara. Russia. Victory day Military parade rehearsal


Victory Day is one of the main holidays in Russia. It is devoted to the victory in the Great Patriotic War as we call part of WWII from june 1941 till may 1945. Russian history separates this period because during this period battle action was at Soviet Union territory. More than 26 mln people were killed. It is equal to whole current population of Nederland and Sweden. 

We celebrate it at 9th of May. This day Germany signed capitulation. And here is one interesting moment because Europeans told that Germany signed it at 8th of May. in fact that capitulation was signed at 10:43 PM 8th of May but because time difference in Moscow it was 0:43 AM 9th of May.

So. I spend my vacation at the beginning of May in Samara and saw Military Parade rehearsal. Soldiers start to train at the evening but few hours before they move their vehicles to the city center close to main city square where Parade will take place. Let's walk and see what vehicles Russian army will show to us at Victory day. I'm sorry in advance because I never was at military service and I'm not a specialist in this area but I'll try to recognize what vehicles are shown.

Tanks at the front line looks like T-72. Produced from 1973 till 2005. Crew - 3. Mass 41 tons (90 000 lbm).



Infantry Combat Vehicle BMP-2. Produced from 1980 till 2008. Crew - 3, troops - 7. Today used in 14 countries. It took part during war in Afghanistan, Gulf war, Cechnya war, Syria civil war and many other local wars.



MSTA-S Self-propelled artillery platform. Produced from 1983 till today. Based at the same platform with tank T-80.



One more BMP-2. 



Armored Personnel Carrier BTR-82. Crew - 3. Troops - 7.






Self propelled artillery unit on BTR-80 base.



Truck-mounted multilple rocket launcher BM-21 Grad



 Multiple rocket launcher 9K57 Uragan.






 Armored recover and repair vehicle is crossing the street. It based on BTR-80 platform.



Mobile short range ballistic missle system 9K720 Iskander.



 Short range surface to air missle system 9K33 Osa.



 I'm not sure but it looks like long range surface to air missle system S-300.


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