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This year I spent spring hollydays in Samara. I visit Samara few times per year but my last report was posted 4 years ago and all photos was took at night. Now you can see Samara at the day light. During this 4 years Samara has a lot of positive changes I'd like to describe here. City make preparations to World Fotball Championship and looks more pleasant than 4 years ago.

Last time I didn't talk about river embankement. But in fact it is main sightseeing of Samara. I would say this is the longest and the best embankement all over the Russia. From April till October it is very crowdy because this is the best place to walking, sport, relaxing etc. And of course amazing view to Volga river and Zhiguli mountains.



But let's see what happens inside the City. Step by step growing up buildings from glass and concrete. I have complicated feelings about it because from one hand it is good and make Samara modern but from other hand it destroys pleasant old downtown.



Another disatvantage of new constructions is a poor design which makes city face strange.



Just one examle. Building at the picture below looks not bad. But in fact it is 100 times worst than it has to be because it doesn't fit to downtown. Absolutely different design.



It is design project of the building above. Just compare what people wanted to build and what build in reality.



One more interesting building. It was build at the beginning of 1980th. Fortunately at the downtown edge. This is power distribution control center. Guys who work here responsible for electricity dispatching at area from Ural to North Volga region.



Let's continue walking. Nice building from the middle of 20th century. Unfortunately in Russia you can do with your appartments almost whatever you want. As result you can see air conditioning systems on the walls and balconies rebuildad as small rooms. Of course it dramatically affects to the building design.



Ortodox church diocesan administration. 



Interesting building with family emblem. 









Nice decoration.







Russian style house.



Some buildings are waiting for repair.






Streets are quiet and full of trees.



 As I said this year some building had repair. 



At the roof left side there is a pioneer with flag. Today this building is a theater.



Samara tram. First line was started 101 years ago. It is Chesz Tatra.



Frunze street.



Navigation with English languuage.



Saint George Lutheran Church.



Yaroslav Hasek lived in this building. And again I see repair :-) Hope soon Samara really will have nice downtown.



Kuibyshev street.



Soviet mosaic still in place. I remember it from my early childhood. Nostalgia.






This building is a brand new but looks like oldstyle. In fact it was demolished and rebuilt from scratch. Below you can see how looked original building.






Russian Federal bank. As I know at the beginning of 20th century it was exchange house. Unfortunately it is impossible to see at this photo but half of the roof of this building made from glass. It is trade hall.



City government.



On of the Samara sightseeing. It is Engineer Klodt house. City legend told that Klodt was a mason and this building contains a lot of mystic signs inside. I don't have any idea because I never was inside.



One more example of repair. 



Building of industries. One more sample of architecture protected by art ministry. It is typical soviet constructivism style.



Nice. It looks enormous.



Merchant Naumov's villa. During WWII when all government and foreign organisations was evacuated from Moscow to Samara here was Great Britain embassy. Let me remind you that at the WWII Samara was spare capital of Soviet Union.



Cavern at the Naumov's villa yard.



Samara drama theater. I already shown it at my previous report



What a nice surprise. Soviet limousine car Chaika (Seagull). It was special car only for government.



Classic view to Samara brewery factory and Zhigulevskie gates behind. You can find this view at the Samara beer bottles labels.



Little bit closer. More than 120 years Samara also well known because of Zhigulevskoe beer.



Art academy at the left and army head quarter at the right. You also can read about it in my previous report.






Iverskiy monastery restore bell tower.



Kuibyshev square. The biggest square in Europe is ready for Victory day military parade. It very nice to see that in Samara a lot of people can see parade. In Moscow it strongly prohibited for ordinary people. Tickets could have only invited persons like veterans, army and political leaders etc.



So. It was actually great to see how my home city is grown up and become again pleasant, clean, and beautiful. Samara is one of the most interesting city in Russia because it still has old downtown. I hope city will save it otherwise it could be Ufa way. City with roughly the same population but unfortunately without any downtown and sightseeing. City without any spirit. 

I suggest to everyone to visit Samara. Summer time the best way is a river tour from Moscow. A lot of foreign tourists use it but I suppose for young people it could expensive and boring. May be it is main reason why river foreign tourists mostly old people.

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