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Saint-Petersburg my favorite city. It was founded in 1703 by Peter the First as new Russian capital. It is the most northen city with population more than 1 mln people. By the way Saint-Petersburg population is more than 5 mln people. It is second city in Russia by population and fourth in Europe. Only Istanbul, London and Moscow bigger than Saint-Petersburg.

So, Saint-Petersburg was build as a capital from the beginning. It is why this city seems so royal. Saint-Petersburg passed through great challenges like Russian revolution in 1917 and Siege of Leningrad in 1941-1944. During 20th century Saint-Petersburg even changed name few times. After revolution it became Petrograd then after Lenin death it was renamed to Leningrad and only after Soviet Union collapse it return historical name.

  I also love it because my grand-grand father met my grand-grand mother here. May be later I'll tell you about it in a view of Soviet history.   But let's walk around this amazing city. It is armoured cruiser Aurora - main symbol of Russian revolution 1917. This ship has great history. It took a part in a few wars at the 20th century beginning including Russia-Japan war. His salvo in october 1917 gave start to Russian revolution. It was a signal to sailors and soldiers to attack Emperor's residention Winter Palace. Now it is a museum.  

Navy university in front of Aurora.  

Peter the First founded Russian Navy. It is why his bust placed in the middle of building.  

Russian Empire was a multi cultural and multi confession. In 1909 Cathedral Mosk was created.  

At the Neva river coast you can find this strange columns. It is rostral column. Rostrum means ship snout. As you can see this column decorated with it. Rostral columns are lighthouses. You can see a bowl at the top of column. When weather is foggy fire starts up in bowl. Also fire turns on during public holidays.  

The most famous monument devoted to Peter the First. It is on of Saint-Petersburg symbol.  

Winter Palace and Palace square.  

Winter Palace is former Russian Emperor residence. Nowadays it is art museum Hermitage. One of the biggest all over the world. It is like Louvre in Paris.  

Also at Palace square ther is a army headquarter.  

Alexander's column in the center of square. It devoted to Napoleon defeat in 1812.  

The resurrection of Christ cathedral. On of the most beautiful cathedrals. It was build on place where rebels bomb tsar Alexander the second. He was wounded to death and later died. It is why people call it Saviour on blood.



Kazan cathedral. Named by saint icon of Blessed Virgin. This icon was find close to city of Kazan. The full name of cathedral is Saint Kazan icon of Blessed Virgin.  

Singer corporation building. Another Singer building you can see in New York on Broadway. Today it is a book centre.  

Saint Isaac cathedral.  

It was the main cathedral in Russian Empire. You have to see it. Majestic building. Just imagine that it was constructed during 40 years! 1818-1858. Legend told that reason for so long construction time was a forecast. One fortuneteller told to cathedral architect thet he will die immediately when cathedral will be finished. So architect start to work very slow. In fact the main cathedral architect Monferran died just in couple of weeks after construction finish.  

Let's go to Saint Isaac observation deck which placed on roof.  

262 steps and you can enjoy Saint-Petersburg panoramic view.  


Saint-Petersburg roofs is another world. They are intriguing. Just imagine that government would like to build business center with skyscrappers. It will destroys so beautiful view. I hope they'll do it somwhere at the city edge.  

There is a Baltic see and sea port on the horizont.



Isaac square. You even don't guess that you seeing on the widest bridge in Saint-Petersburg. Actually the widest, not longest. Because the width of this bridge is 97,3m (3000 feets). It is Blue bridge on Moyka river.  

Do you see the bridge now?


Savoiur on blood.


Palace square and Winter Palace.  

Admiralty spire and Petropavlovskaya fortress.  

Senate and synod building.  

Kunstkamera and academy of science.  

In a past it was possible to went higher on the top level. Now it close for safety reason because few years ago somebody jump for suicide from upper observation deck.  

Let's go downstairs…  

And take a boat trip. Saint-Petersburg like Stokholm and Amsterdam called northern Venice because it has dozens of canals. Here was a lot of swamps and canals are necessary to dewater ground. From the other habd Peter the First dreamed about city for sailors where all population will travel only by boats. Can you imagine that it was no any bridge up to Peter death.  

Winter Palace. View from Neva river. Fast boat on the foreground. In Soviet Union it was a fleet of water wings boats. Fast boats was like an intercity busses and you could travel on distances up to 400km without any traffic, comfortable and enjoying nice river views. When democrates started to rule country this fleet immediately dissapeared. Dozens of this boats was destroyed or sold to China. Nowadays only Kazan and Saint-Petersburg keep small fleets. In Kazan it still used like intercity busses. In Saint-Petersburg it connect down-town with Peterhof which is great museum and was in a past Emperor's country side palace.  

Winter Palace and neighbour buildings connected with each other. Now it is Hermitage.  

Trofimov's residence in the center and Vladimir palace to the right.  

Novomikhailovskiy palace.  

Marble palace.  

Summer garden.  

Peter the first's summer residence named Summer palace.  

Saint Nickolas navy cathedral.  

Column with flood labels. In a past it was a lot of floods in Saint-Petersburg when wind blew from Finland gulfto the east. Today in Neva creek there is a dike which protects city from floods.  

In a past it was German reformed church. In 1929 it was rebuilded in constructionism style.  

Let's walk through cuty streets and enjoy former Russian capital architecture.  

Optomechanical institute with tower looks like lighthouse.

























New Holland island. It was the first port created by Peter the first.




Mariinskiy theatre.  

This ugly building is a new part of Mariinskiy theatre. Saint-Petersburg people hate it because it is like black sheep and mars up theatre view.  

This building looks like a castle. Like everywhere in Russia wires like a web.







Saint-Petersburg one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It was founded like a new Russian capital and it fulfilled with Empire spirit. Also people here very nice. They are polite, intellegent and well brought up. As for me I feel myself here like at home. Amazing city with dramatic history.


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