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This time my visit to Saint-Petersburg was short enough. I spend here just few hours. By this link you can find my previous report about this amazing city. Anyway even few hours can give you perfect feelings and energize you. Don't forget that Saint-Petersburg was founded by tsar Peter I as a capital from the beginning. Lets run around the city center together.

Griboedov canal and the Church of the Spilled Blood. This cathedral was made at the place where terrorist drop a bomb and killed Russian Emperor Alexander II. Russian people donate money to build this cathedral to the Tsar-martyr. The bomb shoot-off Emperor legs. He died the same day because of blood loss. 



 Nevskiy Prospekt is wide. This is the main street of Saint-Petersburg. It crowded all the time.



 Malaya Konushennaya street is siding with Nevskiy Prospekt. At 1997 it became pedestrian street. The name of this street could be translated to English as Stable street. It named so because here was Emperor's stable.



At the opposite side to Malaya Konushennaya street placed Kazanskiy cathedral. This is one of the biggest Saint-Petersburg cathedral made in Ampire style. It was build between 1801 and 1811 years.   



Moyka river. Still under the ice cover. Moyka sounds like Russian verb "to wash" but actually Moyka is Finno-Ugrian name. Scientists said that "Mo" means water and this river name Moscow has the same roots which means wet place or swamp.



Other side of Moyka river.  



 Old sign. It is nice and interesting to see because "Ъ" letter is not used at the end of word almost 100 years. 



 The Arc of the General Staff one of the most famous buildings in Saint-Petersburg. 



 Nevskiy Prospect close to Palace square and Winter Palace.09_Saint-Petersburg_03-2016.jpg


Admiralty building. At the beginning it was dock yard to produce war ships for Russian fleet to fight with Sweden. At th 18th century it looked like fortress because it was rampart and moat around to protect it from enemies. There is a small ship at the broach spire. It is one of the Saint-Petersburg symbols.



 Saint Isaac cathedral. Last time I was upstairs at the observation deck but today I don't have enough time to visit it unfortunately.



 Neva river and Kunstkamera at the opposite side. 



 Saint Ekaterina Lutheran church at Malaya Konyushennaya street. As you remember I already was here on morning. This is Sweden community church. History is very interesting because before Saint-Peterburg foundation this area was part of Sweden. But during North war this land was conquered by Russian Empire. Just couple kilometers from Saint-Petersburg center was Sweden Nyenskans fortress and Nyen town. After the Russian victory some Sweden people from Nyen stayed in Saint-Petersburg. So they founded Sweden community and build first church building. Building at the photo below was build at 1867. Famous Finnish president Carl Mannerheim had church wedding in this building.



 Sweden pass. Named because of Sweden Saint Ekaterina church.


As usual I got a lot of positive impressions from Saint-Petersburg. This one day was really bright. This city is amazing, filled with history and greatness of Russian Empire capital. In any case if you are planning to visit Russia you must see Saint-Petersburg. 

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